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Changes to the Apprenticeship programme and introduction of the Levy Apprenticeships are changing. They are becoming more robust, there will be changes to the way they are delivered and funded and most importantly they will be employer led making them relevant and valuable to industry.

We have put together some information about these changes to help you. If having read this you would like further information on how these changes are going to affect you and your business directly, we will be pleased to talk you through it.

The first big change is to the way Apprenticeships are funded. On 6th April the government introduced a levy for all employers with an annual wage bill in excess of £3 million. The levy of 0.5% will be paid into a digital account. The government will top up this with an additional 10%. So every £1 paid in by the company becomes £1.10 to spend. The total funds are then available to pay for Apprenticeship training for new and existing staff through approved training providers such as Management Training Plus.


These funds are available to spend for 24 months before they expire. Your digital account will notify if you have unused funds due to expire. You can only use these funds to buy Apprenticeship training and assessment. They cannot be used to:


• Pay wages

• Reimburse travel expenses

• The cost of setting up an apprenticeship programme

• Work placements

• Management costs

• Traineeships

If a company uses all its levy and wishes to train further Apprentices, the government will co-invest with the employer. The government will pay 90% of the cost with the employer paying the remaining 10%  This system of co-investment will also apply to those companies who are not paying the levy. For companies with less than 50 employees who want to take on 16-18 year old Apprentices, the government will fully fund the cost.

You will have your first levy funds available to spend from May 2017. We know you will want to invest this money wisely and make it work for your business giving you a qualified, effective , productive workforce. Management Training Plus would be proud to offer you our expertise to guide you through this process .